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TV commercials can still be effective in today’s advertising, but their effectiveness may depend on various factors, including the target audience, the product or service being advertised, and the overall marketing strategy.

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While it is true that the rise of digital media has led to a shift in advertising budgets away from traditional channels like TV, there are still many people who watch TV regularly, particularly older demographics. Additionally, TV commercials can still be an effective way to build brand awareness and reach a large audience quickly.

However, with the rise of streaming services, many viewers have the ability to skip or avoid ads altogether. As a result, TV advertisers may need to be more creative and strategic in their approach to TV advertising, such as targeting specific times of the day or specific programs that are more likely to reach their target audience.

Overall, TV commercials can still be an effective part of a broader advertising campaign, but it’s important for advertisers to consider the changing media landscape and adapt their approach accordingly.